Crypto Fund Trader Review

A Game-Changer in My Trading Journey

Welcome to my personal review of Crypto Fund Trader. Like many of you, I’ve been navigating the world of prop firms, seeking funding, and aiming for a prosperous trading lifestyle. While I’ve explored platforms like MyForexFunds, TFT, and FTMO, Crypto Fund Trader stands out as my top recommendation for budding traders.

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Why Crypto Fund Trader Caught My Eye from the Start

Transparency: Proof of Reserves with Crypto Fund Trader

Having been with other prop firms, I’ve come to value transparency above all. Crypto Fund Trader stood out in this regard. Their commitment to openness was evident right from the start, and here’s why:

Open Display of Reserves: Crypto Fund Trader showcases their “Proof of Reserves” directly on their website, ensuring traders like me that our funded accounts are in safe hands.

Proof of Payouts: Not only have I always received my payouts on time, but many traders are actively posting their payout proofs online. It’s a testament to the platform’s reliability.

Good Reviews: The positive feedback from other traders and the broader community was a significant factor in my decision. It’s clear that Crypto Fund Trader has built a trustworthy reputation in the industry.

In my journey, ensuring the safety of my funded accounts was paramount. With Crypto Fund Trader, I felt confident in knowing that any funding I acquired would be safe and available to profit from.

Best Conditions at Crypto Fund Trader

When I decided to further my trading journey with Crypto Fund Trader, I was on the lookout for conditions that would truly benefit traders like me. And, I wasn’t disappointed. Here’s what stood out:

Up to $200,000 in Funding: The potential to get funded up to $200,000 is a game-changer. Plus, they cover the losses, ensuring traders can focus on their strategies.

Spreads from 0 Pips: Trading a variety of assets, from Crypto and Forex to Indices and Stocks, with spreads starting from 0 pips? It’s a trader’s dream, and Crypto Fund Trader makes it a reality.

Lowest Trading Fees: Their proprietary platform boasts the lowest trading commission in the industry. It’s clear that Crypto Fund Trader prioritizes its traders’ profitability.

No Time Restrictions: The absence of day limits means I can trade at my pace, strategizing without feeling rushed.

Freedom in Trading Styles: Whether it’s swing trading, intraday, scalping, or any other strategy, Crypto Fund Trader offers the flexibility I need.

High Leverage: With a 1:100 leverage across all instruments, I can optimize my trades, even with conservative stop-loss tactics.

Faster Funding with Crypto Fund Trader

Having experienced several prop firms, I’ve seen a range of challenge phases and profit targets. Many set the bar high, making it a prolonged journey to secure funding. But with Crypto Fund Trader, the path to obtaining a funded account felt more within reach.

Phase 1 Target: A realistic 8% profit goal. This lower target allows traders to focus on consistent strategies rather than high-risk moves.

Phase 2 Target: Just a 5% profit goal. It’s evident that Crypto Fund Trader is in tune with what traders genuinely need. Reaching this target is a significant stride towards the coveted funded account.

Generous Drawdown: A 10% drawdown allowance acts as a cushion. It’s comforting to know that a few unfavorable trades won’t derail my entire challenge.

In my Crypto Fund Trader review, I’ve emphasized how these achievable targets expedite the funding process. And if you’re thinking of joining, remember to use the Crypto Fund Trader discount code ‘platinum5‘ for savings on your challenge.


Top Funded Trading Platforms

I’ve enjoyed trading on Crypto Fund Trader’s proprietary platform. But the integration of MetaTrader 5 was a game-changer. With MT5, you can use Expert Advisors, trade a diverse range of assets, and easily manage multiple accounts with a copier.


In my Crypto Fund Trader review, I’ve emphasized how these achievable targets expedite the funding process. And if you’re thinking of joining, remember to use the Crypto Fund Trader discount code ‘platinum5‘ for savings on your challenge.

Funding Levels

Crypto Fund Trader offers a diverse range of funding levels to accommodate traders of various experiences and ambitions. My journey began with the $10,000 evaluation, and I’ve since progressed through their tiers. For a detailed breakdown of all available account and funding levels, check out the challenges in the image below.

Prop Firm Challenges

Crypto Fund Trade Discount Code

To sweeten the deal, Crypto Fund Trader is offering a special 5% discount for new traders. By using the promo code “platinum5”, you can save on your challenge purchase. Here’s a glimpse of the savings:

Account Size Regular Price Promo Price
$5,000 $50 $47.50
$10,000 $95 $90.25
$25,000 $210 $199.50
$50,000 $315 $299.25
$100,000 $520 $494.00
$200,000 $998 $948.10

My Crypto Fund Trader Pros & Cons

Crypto Fund Trader stands out with its transparent evaluation criteria, a supportive community, and a competitive profit-sharing model. Their trustworthiness and reliability in the industry are commendable. However, there are some aspects to consider. The evaluation can be challenging, especially for beginners, and they offer limited assets to trade compared to some other platforms. Additionally, while they have a max allocation of $200k, some competitors offer up to $400k or even $600k. But it’s essential to note that even with a $200k allocation, traders can still achieve substantial 5-6 figure payouts.

Note: Trust and affordability are what truly drew me to Crypto Fund Trader. Overall, it’s a commendable prop-firm to kickstart your trading journey with.

Closing Statement: In the ever-evolving world of trading, finding a reliable and supportive prop-firm can be a daunting task. My journey with Crypto Fund Trader has been enlightening, challenging, and ultimately rewarding. Their commitment to transparency, trader support, and continuous improvement has made them a standout choice in the crowded prop trading landscape. If you’re on the fence about where to start or which firm to trust, I wholeheartedly recommend giving Crypto Fund Trader a shot. The journey might be challenging, but with determination and the right support, the rewards can be immense. Happy trading!